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“I need to feel connected in order to want sex. I mean, it's not all about sex, right? What about emotional intimacy?”

Strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner through this specially curated bundle of activities and conversations. Plus, deepen connection to spark physical attraction! You’ll learn how to create meaningful moments that can help you foster trust, increase understanding, and boost communication in your relationship.

For just $27, get the tools you need to genuinely understand each other better so that you can start having fun together again. Mastering these techniques is like opening the door to a more connected, fulfilling relationship ― where both partners feel emotionally safe and secure with one another.

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Dealing with Desire Discrepancy? 5 Steps to Making Intimacy Less Stressful

Is desire discrepancy between you and your partner creating feelings of rejection, frustration, disconnection, guilt, or pressure?

This ebook takes a compassionate approach to understanding and addressing the issue. Learn how to explore new ways of connecting without pressure.

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Enjoy a satisfying intimate life that you can both look forward to. As you move through this process together learn how to approach intimacy without disappointment, pressure, or avoidance.

Read our ebook now to create ease instead of stress.

What you'll get:

  • Approach your partner with empathy and understanding so that you create a safe space for both of you to express yourselves
  • Re-frame intimacy in a way that creates positive, energized results so that you can rekindle passion and love within the relationship
  • Harness the power of "reactive desire" to explore intimacy together without pressure or obligation


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